Your guide to local businesses in Randolph NJ


What type of business is permitted in which zone(s)?

View the zoning map and regulations governing permitted uses (1,170 KB) 

What are the town’s regulations concerning home professional offices? [Link to 15-35.7.]

The home office provisions of Randolph’s land use regulations apply to the owner-occupied office of a physician, surgeon, dentist, attorney-at-law, architect, artist, real estate broker, scientist, mathematician, engineer, planner or person of like profession whose office is located within the residence of the person who practices such profession.

  • Such office shall be contained entirely within the residential structure on the premises and shall not exceed twenty-five (25%) percent of the total floor area of that structure except that in no case shall such office exceed nine hundred (900) square feet exclusive of parking spaces.
  • Adequate parking spaces shall be provided so that no parking related to the office shall occur on the street. At least one (1) parking space shall be provided for each two hundred (200) square feet or fraction thereof of gross floor area unless the applicant can demonstrate that fewer will be required. No parking shall be permitted in the front yard.
  • No more than one hundred fifty (150) motor vehicle trip ends per week shall be generated by the home office use, each arrival or departure being considered one (1) trip end.
  • Safe and efficient vehicular and pedestrian circulation, parking and loading in the vicinity shall not be impaired.
  • No more than two (2) office employees shall be present at any one (1) time. Nonresident professionals shall not be permitted to use the office on a regular basis.
  • The hours of normal operation shall be limited to the hours of 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
  • The conditional use approval shall terminate with any change in the ownership of the property.
  • Exemption from conditional use procedure. Uses generating traffic which falls within the categories established below shall not be required to obtain a conditional use permit. Uses exceeding the traffic generation categories below shall obtain a conditional use permit.
    1. 0 to 5 trips per day for home office with no physical change or signage displayed: no site plan required.
    2. 6 to 15 trips per day shall require a site plan.
  • Traffic generated trips shall relate only to customers of the home occupation.

What are the applicable permit requirements for a business looking to start or expand in Randolph?

A zoning certificate of occupancy (CO) is required prior to a change in the use or occupancy of non-residential space. The permit application is available at the Randolph Township web site . The zoning officer will coordinate the zoning CO with the fire official.

Additional permits may be needed from the building department if there is new construction proposed for the change in use or tenant fit up.

What are the township’s regulations concerning business signs? [Link to 15-43.3.]

The size and location of freestanding and façade signs are regulated by the zone district and size of the façade of the building. The sign vendor should contact staff for specific requirements for a site. Below are general requirements:

  • No sign shall be erected on any lot or building which does not pertain to the use of the lot or building, unless provided for elsewhere in this section.
  • Any signs not specifically permitted are hereby prohibited.
  • Identification signs and corporation logos shall conform to the standards established in this sign ordinance.
  • A sign should compliment the architectural style and scale of the building and should be designed as an integral architectural element of the site to which it principally relates. As an architectural element, the sign should reflect the period of architecture and should be in harmony with a building’s character and use. It must not interfere with architectural lines and details. Components of signs (supporting structures, backs, etc.), not bearing a message shall be constructed of materials that blend with the natural environment or shall be painted a neutral color, to blend with the natural environment.
  • Where a building requires several different signs, a consistent design theme shall be created utilizing similar elements such as material, size, background and lettering color, lettering style, illumination and borders. They shall be similar in design throughout any development requiring more than one sign for all types of signs.
  • Any sign located along the right-of-way of a state or federal highway shall comply with any more restrictive requirements of the state and federal government relating thereto. Limitations on signs as set forth in this section shall not apply to any sign or directional device erected by the federal, state, county or township government or agency thereof.
  • No sign shall be placed in such a position as to endanger traffic by obscuring view or by confusing with official street signs or signals because of position, color, or reflective surface and no sign other than those required in this section shall be placed within a sight triangle.
  • No sign shall project over a public walkway, except for signs of governmental authority. For those exceptions where a sign is permitted, the lowest edge of such sign shall be at least eight (8) feet above the sidewalk elevation.
  • Only one (1) sign of a permitted type for which a permit is required shall be erected on any one (1) premises held in single and separate ownership unless otherwise specified in this sign ordinance.
  • No sign shall have a dimension greater than as approved by the planning board as part of site plan approval.
  • Flags other than official national, state, county or municipal flags shall be considered to be signs and shall comply with applicable regulations. Flagpoles shall not exceed twenty-five (25) feet in height or be located closer than 35 feet from the right-of-way.
  • No sign shall be attached to or erected on the roof of any building.
  • Every permitted sign must be constructed with durable materials, must conform with the requirements of the BOCA building code, and must be kept in good condition and repair. Any sign which is allowed to become dilapidated may be removed by the municipality at the expense of the owner or lessee of the property on which it is located.
  • No sign or any part thereof shall be located closer than ten (10) feet to any property line, except where more restrictive.
  • For multi-tenant buildings and shopping centers, the planning board may waive requirements of this sign ordinance where the applicant presents an overall sign plan to the board indicating a detailed design vocabulary, and placement and signage plan which would, in the opinion of the board be consistent with the purpose and intent of this chapter and promote the objectives of this chapter.
  • Parking, traffic control, directional and warning signs on private streets and driveways as approved of or deemed necessary to the public welfare by the township shall be permitted in all zones, provided that they do not exceed four (4) square feet in area and do not contain advertising.

What provisions exist for temporary signs or banners in business zones? [Link to 15-43.11.]

A banner advertising a special sales event that does not exceed 24 sq. ft. in area, or 36 sq. ft. where the commercial premises fronts Route 10, may be erected and maintained up to 30 consecutive days. Each commercial establishment may have up to four banners per year.

Applications for a permit to install a temporary sign or banner shall be made to the zoning officer at least ten (10) days prior to the commercial event or sale.

The permit application is available at the Randolph Township web site .

What are the township’s regulations concerning temporary commercial outdoor sales [Link to Article IV]

Permits for temporary commercial outdoor sales are issued by the township clerk’s office. Permits are valid for up to 10 days. Goods sold must be the same or similar to those in the applicant’s normal business. The location of the outdoor sale must be within 25 feet of the place where the business is located.

Why is Randolph a good place to locate or maintain a business?

Pro-business culture: Randolph has a high quality and responsive staff. The township also offers a full range of services.

Diverse housing stock: Randolph housing types include garden apartments, townhomes, single family dwellings and large estate homes.

High quality of life: 95.8% of residents have health insurance, unemployment is 3.3% and robberies/assaults/burglaries and thefts are 33% of the NJ average.

Strong demographics: Mean family income is $180,853. Median value of housing units is $530,800. Homeowner vacancy rate is only 0.8%.

Highly ranked school system: High school was ranked 63rd in the state in 2014 by New Jersey Monthly magazine.

Access to highways, mass transit: Randolph is in close proximity to both interstates 80 and 287and also state routes 10 and 46. The township is serviced by a NJ Transit bus route and is convenient to regional train and bus service.

Proximity to NYC: Randolph is located less than 40 miles from New York City. Rail service to New York is available at the Dover, Denville and Morris Plains train stations. Bus service is available at numerous locations along the Route 80/Route 46 corridor.

Highly educated/skilled workforce pool: 97.4% of adult residents have a high school degree with 66.9% having a bachelor’s degree and 28.7% attaining a graduate or professional degree. 58.8% of the workforce is employed in management, business, science and arts occupations with 21% employed in sales and office occupations.